Facebook Makes It Easier To Share Branded Content with New Tool

Celebrity pages on Facebook command extensive reach and influence that can do wonders for a brand. In a recent update, Facebook has made it even easier for verified celebrity pages to share branded content with their fans and followers. This move opens up a world of possibilities for brands, celebrities, influencers and media companies. They can reach new markets and create highly engaging content brought on by collaboration of a celebrity’s reach and a brand’s features and services.

A New Avenue of Opportunities for Influencers

The opportunities to monetize content by tagging other brands is a great way to introduce the brand to new customer markets and throw new light on their products and services. Media companies can now highlight the products, services, or offers they’ve received from a brand in their Facebook posts and with the new tool, they can do it more easily than ever. Here are some forms of branded content that can be shared by influencers:

– Text Posts
– Videos
– Photos
– Articles
– Links
– 360 Videos
– Live Videos

By tagging a popular brand in their shared post, publishers and influencers will bring added focus on sharing quality content with their fans and followers. This will also help in increased connections and new monetization opportunities through sponsorships.

How Does The New Tool Affect Marketers

When a celebrity or an influencer tags a marketer or a brand, they will also be notified. This helps brands in boosting the content to their followers and in turn highlighting their involvement with the celebrities or influencers. It’s a win-win proposition for everyone involved and it also leads to an increase in high quality content being shared on the Facebook platform. In a nutshell, here are some ways in which marketers can benefit from this new tool:

– Better understanding of marketing reach
– Increased transparency in marketing initiatives
– Added sponsorship avenues for brands
– Improved eco-system for sharing content
– An easy tagging system that offers post level insights

The new tagging policy and sharing tool are now live on Facebook and brands as well as celebrities can be seen making use of it to spread their content and reach. For additional opportunities in the field of social media management and social media marketing, you can browse through www.autusconsultency.com or give us a call at 404-647-1782.

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