Software Testing

Software testing is the process of detecting coding errors or faults before software is made operational. An often under-valued service, the service reduces the risk of unfavorable incidents once the systems are operational. Testing also proves that a business’ requirements were met and ensures the proper functioning of software when integrated in the existing infrastructure. As a result, companies can secure customer confidence and their market shares.

To ensure the functionality and quality of your software solutions, Autus invites you to avail its expert software testing and quality assurance service. Our experts are developers with decades of experience in different coding languages, making them the best to detect bugs that risk your software‘s reliability. Trust us to rigorously test your applications using industry-standard testing procedures such as:

Autus is also an expert on test automation and performance engineering services such as performance consulting and tuning and endurance testing. Complementing our experience is our ability to deliver on time, within clients’ budgets, and beyond expectations.

We also take pride in providing a high level of professionalism from the minute we partner with your in-house IT team. We will formulate a test plan and test cases which assess your software from every aspect. After executing our rigorous tests, we will provide a detailed report of defects and list possible risks and recommendations. If the software’s original developers cannot help you, Autus invites you to avail the expertise of its own software development team to ensure affordable, quick and effective results.

Due to experience gained through 100 testing engagements initiated by local and international organizations from different industries, we are confident of our testing team and their abilities to leverage best practices to guarantee high quality within your company.

To find out how Autus can maximize the productivity of your software systems and mitigate all associated risks, do not hesitate to contact us right away.