Share Point Solutions

Used in over three quarters of Fortune 500 companies, Microsoft SharePoint is one of the important solutions for today’s businesses. Defined as a business collaboration platform, it allows businesses to connect via a company’s intranet, store documents virtually and access them simultaneously, and generate business intelligence. Also a perfect website Content Management System (CMS), SharePoint allows businesses to enjoy a wider reach without compromising many human or monetary resource.

Autus’ developers possess both the knowledge and expertise to create SharePoint solutions and services, including development, deployment, integration, and consultancy. We can also migrate your systems to SharePoint 2010, optimizing their functionality with the least hassle and time. Finally, once deployed and effectively running, our maintenance team will visit regularly to ensure that your systems are functioning.

Because we understand that companies’ needs are different, we offer to customize your SharePoint platform to match your needs. Our design experts will also work on a custom look and feel that reflects your organization and its goals. That way, once integrated with the rest of your systems, your custom solution can easily blend with other modules and maximize their efficiency.

Before we begin working on your project, we recommend a meeting with our consulting team. With the help of their decades of experience and a wide range of skills, you can define your business requirements and analyze which solutions will allow you to leverage the SharePoint technology. This way, you can maximize your investments and avoid wasting valuable time.

Once on the job, expect our certified experts to deliver results that are customer-centric, cost-effective and timely. Also trust us to integrate, run and test our solutions to ensure that you truly get the best value for your money and achieve all your business goals.

For queries or scheduling a consultation, get in touch with our experienced team.