Major Changes to Google Search Algorithm Might Be Coming

According to recent chatter in the SEO industry, major changes might be coming to the way Google search works. SEO professionals and webmasters around the world saw ups and downs in the page ranks of their websites as Google tested out new search algorithms that affected organic search.


As Google tweaks the search algorithm for the changes that might be coming, it might affect the page ranks positively or negatively depending on a number of factors. While Google has not confirmed the update yet, according to SEO professionals in the know, the changes might indeed become active in the coming days and it can create an upheaval in the SEO industry by affecting ranks of pages all over the web.


Two Updates That Can Affect Your Website’s Page Rank

As professionals have noted, two updates were pushed by Google as late as last night. The effects of these updates were noticed by SEOs checking their web rankings in the morning. Social media, forums, and industry specific websites have all been talking about these two updates and what they could mean for webpage rankings.

While the larger update focuses on core web search, the smaller update could affect local rankings in SERPs. Also, the update is expected to affect all industry verticals instead of being focused on any specific industry. Search engine and webmaster forums are also abuzz with the talk of the update and most professionals believe that this is a quality update for local search results.

As of now, there is no official communication from Google regarding the nature of the update. But, if industry sources are to be believed, this might not be Penguin update but a core search algorithm change focused on improving the quality of search results. Click here to more about google updates.

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