Business Process Outsourcing

Businesses are constantly under the pressure to perform without overcrossing their budgets or disrupting other operations. To help businesses juggle these opposing concepts, Autus offers a wide range of business process outsourcing services. We provide the most essential tasks with on-shore quality at off-shore prices. That way, you can utilize your internal resources for core operations while we handle complementary processes.

Our staff has over a decade of experience and ample knowledge in offshore support services. As a result, we can deliver the following services accurately, quickly and according to your requirements.

Data Entry

Data entry is one of the costliest processes of accompany, amounting to an average of $40 per hour per employee. With the accuracy rate of hassled workers being less than 98.5%, small businesses and organizations alike can benefit from outsourcing to Autus. We offer high accuracy and cost-effectiveness while handling applications such as processing forms and online data extraction. Trust us to handle your documents with utmost privacy to ensure their security and your leadership in your respective industry.

Product Entry Service

For e-Commerce website owners, Autus offers its product entry service to cut costs, ensure customer value, and maintain data security. Our professionals have successfully input product details such as description, features, images, and shopping details, all while keeping in mind user experience and the latest SEO regulations. With our efficient team and quick turnaround guarantee, your online retail store will boast quality and cost-effectiveness within a fraction of the time your employees would take.

Data Reconciliation

Data reconciliation is the process of comparing related data from two or multiple sources. With Autus handling this delicate procedure, we can ensure the accuracy of your calculations and data. We will also assess and notify you of any inaccuracies as well as monitor your accounts. Data and numbers aside, we extend our services to all forms of statements, invoices and receipts.

Data Cleaning Service

By availing our data cleaning services, you will get a specialized team of professionals to detect, correct and ultimately remove incorrect or redundant records in your company’s database. This way, your data set will grow consistent and your operations will become error-free.

Email Based Support

For businesses that rely on email communication with their clients, we promise to build a unique and strong relationship with clients through effective responses that answer their queries within the shortest time possible, Trust us to deliver quality responses that boost the efficiency of your processes while increasing the productivity of your support team. We also promise to resolve clients’ issues from the first time, reducing your processing expenses and increasing your customers’ satisfaction.

Inbound Calls

Customer service is one of the essential services for today’s businesses regardless of size or industry. In addition to email support, we offer to handle all your inbound calls and treat your customers in a professional and friendly manner. Trust us to sell your products and services while promoting your brand and ensuring your customers of exemplary service.

Whichever service you choose from these, we guarantee you:

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